Simple Spring Scale Simulator and Games

Spring Scale is a simple game that designed to simulate the technique of how to read of do measurement with the Spring Scale. This app is one of Computational Lab of Department Physics, UB productivity to increase the passion of student learning about physics in Elementary Physics Lab. You can try to measure how many mass at every object and interact with the scale.This is given the random mass for every section, and also you may find different object that to be measure.

The basic concept of this simulation, are based on spring forced that mathematically writed as W=-ky, where W is weight of object that to be measure (N), k is spring constant (N/m), and y is the deviation of spring (m). So if W=mg, with m is mass of the object (kg) and g is gravitational acceleration (m/s2).

The scale result of measurement shown that weight of object is about 1.325 Newton. With gravitational acceleration 9.8 m/s2, and based on equation W=mg, We can calculate the mass of object is about 0.1352 kg.

here the preview video of how to use this app:

you can free download at link below:


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