Android Base Caliper, Micrometer and Osciloscope Simulator

Computational Lab. of Departement of Physics, University of Brawijaya, Malang. initiated to made the simulator of basic beasuring tools that purposed to be used by student or anyone that will be do the laboratory experiment,. The simulator is about Caliper, Micrometer and Osciloscope. This simulator you can find free at Google Play Store with the link below: 
  1. Caliper Simulator
  2. Micrometer Simulator
  3. Osciloscope Simulator

or for not advertisement and pro version you can find at Basic Measure App

This applications was been made caused by reason as many of new student that do experimental laboratory need more time to learn to use Caliper, Micrometer, or Osciloscope for the first time. With this app, the student could be learn by himself before they do the real experiment. So student will be ready and do the experiment that accorded with the theme of experiment, and not distrubing by the way how to use the measurement tool.

Here the preview Video of Basic measurement App:

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