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Calculate The Angle Geometric Plane by Angle Calculator App

Angle Calculator is simple app that visualize the calculation result of angles from triangles, square, pentagon, hexagon and many more. You can interact with drag the point to find the angles that you want calculated. The screneshot of this App you can see below:

You can get this app free at link

Let try Math Addition Angle Quiz with Freaking Degree Game

Freaking Degree is free android games and simple math quiz that provided to you several angle equalization in -180 to 180, and 0 to 360. The gameplay is simple, you just choose what the equalization is equal or not. If your answer is correct, you will get score 10 and so further more.

Let try by downloading this app at link below:

Test Your Math Knowledge with Math Equation Test App

Math Equation Test is simple app that given you a several math question. The question is about linear and square equation with one unknown variable. You can test your math knowledge by answer how must be value of x at every question, and get your grade as Beginner, Competent, Proficient or Expert. Let try and have Fun!

You can get this app free at link below:

Pendulum Visualization on Simple Pendulum App

Simple Pendulum App is a simple visualization of the oscillation movement. This simulation can be used as educational resources or tool to learn what is different of pendulum movement with different length of wire. Student can learn by himself and observe what make different pendulum oscillation with different length of wire. Let try and happy learn with our educational app.

You can download at:

Find Qibla Direction with Android App

Qibla App is simple app that can be used to find Kabaa direction for moslem prayer. This app need Compass and GPS sensor on your android device to calculate the angle of your location to Kabaa position, where the position of Kabaa we set at 21.422523 latitude and 39.826184 longitude based on Google Maps. And also this app compare the distance based on longitude value between from the right and from the left Kabaa position, so the calculation take the nearest direction of your location. Smaller accuracy is better calculation of this app. Below is screenshot and link of Qibla app:

yow can download at link below:

If you want to see, the basic concept how we make this app, you can learn our youtube video tutorial below:
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