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Find Value of Phi by Put Randomize Dots Inside The Circle

The value of Phi can be calculated in a number of ways. One of them is compare randomize point position that inside circle or outside like shown in Finding Phi app that the screenshot can you see below. The basic concept of app is originally based from, and you can randomize put the dot in circle by tap or just run start button to see step by step how finding Phi will be work.

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Free Android App to Learn How to Read Measuring Wide of an Object

A Ruler is simple app that purposes to be used for kid to learn how to read measuring scale of ruler in centimeter or inch. The objective of all task is measure the possible wide of object, on every object will be randomly wide and more higher task will be more difficult. By completing all tasks , it's expected that the player can be able to read scale of measurement result of ruler.

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Try Guess Resistant of Resistor by Resistor Quiz App

Resistor Quiz game is a simple application that trains you how to read the resistance of the resistor based on the color bands that printed on the resistor. This application consists of 15 questions, which include resistors 4 bands, 5 bands and 6 bands. Just answer the resistance value resistor by clicking the button Answer and let check the correct value of it, let know how correct your answer.

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Learn and Practice How to Determine Mass Density

Mass Density game is an educational game that simulate how to determine mass density of the object that dipped into the water. By know the changing of water volume and mass of the object, we can calculate the mass density is egual to mass of the object devide by the volume of changing water. The changing volume of water actually is the volume of the object. So with read the changing water level scale, we will able to know the volume of object and calculate its mass.

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