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Calculate Unknown Variables in Equations with Equation Calculator

Equation Calculator is a tool to calculate math problem by typing the equations. Its will be give you the best numerical approximation of unknown values that contained in the equations. Smaller error value is indicate the approximation is more precision.

For free version, a demo mode, you need to restart this app every 10 times calculating. This feature will let you to try this app, and to know how to use it. If you like this app and willing to no limited usage, you can appreciate and support our work by buy this app.

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Let Solve Math Linear Equation Test

Math Linear Test is simple math game that provided to you several linear math equation. The game play is simple, you just choose what the value must be x,y or z  that suitable with the equation. And the score that you can get is represent to you how far your knowledge about math linear equation with one, two or three unknown variable.

You can get this app free at:

Let try our math game. And have fun!

Learn and try counting with Counting Bugs Games

Counting Bugs is simple math counter game that purposes to kids. The gameplay is just to count how many the appearing bugs at the top box, then choose how many number of special bugs that asked in the question. If your answer is correct you will get score 10, and less than 10 if your answer in incorrect. All Bug pictures that we use in here is from Greenfoot app and

You can get this app at

Try Finding Root of Square Equation with Square Root Quiz Games

Square Root Quiz is simple game that provided to you several square equation. The gameplay is just choose the right answer of x value that correct to the equation. If you choose the correct value for x, you will get score 10, and further more.

You can find this app at link below:

Try to Compare and Equate Sin Cos Value

Equate Sin Cos is simple math quiz game that provided to you several angle equalization in sinus and cosinus. The gameplay is simple, you just choose what the correct equalization, is equal or not. If your answer is correct, you will get score 10, and futher more until finished all the tasks.

Let try and have fun with our app that you can find in link below: