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Caliper Simulator

Caliper Simulator is an app that designed to simulate the technique of how to read of Caliper measurement results. This app is one of Computational Lab of Department Physics, UB productivity to increase the passion of learning about physics on Elementary Physics Lab.

You can long press the Caliper Image to interact with it, and learn how to measure bolts, head bolts, small iron and something else.

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Have Fun!

Predicted Calc

Predicted Calc is an app that designed as the implementation of Genetic algorithm method. It's a calculator and was created by members of Computational Physics Laboratory, Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, University of Brawijaya, Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

The main idea of this algorithm, we called as the progressive error prediction. Where with that algorithm, this App can do the numerical calculation with the ability to predicted many unknown variables, many inputs value and many form of equation, of course with small error value.

Just type your equation and press CALCULATE button, and let Predicted Calc predicted all unknown variables as you need to their real value.

another video tutorial app

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Get Free Version of Predicted Calc on Google Play