Polynomial Calculator with Genetic Algorithm Implementation

Polynomial Calc is an app that designed to calculate any polynomial equation and to solve your polynomial equation with numerical approximation. This app is use numerical method, and the calculation is needed looping time and have an error value, but it can be predict many from of polynomial equation with single variable x. This is also one of Smart Calc Lib that have been developed by Computational Lab., Dept. of Physics, UB.

Polynomial Calc   Polynomial Calc- screenshot     Polynomial Calc- screenshot     Polynomial Calc- screenshot

The main idea of this algorithm, we called as the progressive error prediction, where is the implementation of Genetic Algorithm. With that algorithm we can do the numerical calculation that have the ability to predicted many unknown variables, many inputs value and many form of equation with small error value as well as We implement on Predicted Calc App.

Just type your polynomial equations and let Polim Root find unknown x of your polynomial equation. You can get this app free at link below:



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