Genetic Algorithm Implementation as Android App Calculator

Computational Physics Laboratory, Dept. of Physics UB, develop a Android base library that implement from Genetic Algorithm Method. The library called as NeuronBox, where it's the implementation of the generation concept of Genetic Algorithm and best neuron idea from Neural Network method. This Library produced as calculator and can be found at Google Store with the link and short description as below.

The main idea of the algorithm of library called as the "Progressive Error Prediction", it's a numerical method calculation, so for calculation progress need looping time and approximation error value, where is the implementation of Genetic Algorithm. With that algorithm we can do the numerical calculation that have the ability to predicted many unknown variables, many inputs value and many form of equation with small error value as we implement on Predicted Calc App.

Polinom Root Free

Polim Root FreePolim Root is a free version app that can be use to calculate roots of polynomial equation.This app is easy to use to predict the roots values and supported to predict the roots from polynomial equation that have negative power.

Polynomial Calc
Polynomial CalcPolynomial Calc is an app that designed to calculate any polynomial equation with single unknown variable value. This app is developed from Polim Root App but supported math function like sin, cos, tan, exp, asin, acos, atan and abs. It's app also supported negative power and find root values as Polim Root App.

Predicted Calc
Cover artPredicted Calc is original App that generate Polinom Root and Polynomial Calc App. The different is this App can predict more unknown variables and do more different form of writing style of equation. You can see how to use this app, in tutorial below:


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